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For Social Workers, Case Managers, Social Work Agencies, Nonprofits, Private Practices, and more.

Your All-in-One Social Work Case Management Software

As a social worker, case manager, student, non-profit, or social service worker you know that managing multiple clients, conducting assessments, and juggling caseloads can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With so many clients and patients to track, things often fall through the cracks, especially when you are using spreadsheets to track clients and cases. 

This is where the All-in-One Social Work Toolbox & Case Management Hub comes in to save the day

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You Asked, and We Listened! 

This All-in-One Social Workers Toolkit software was designed based on input from all types of social workers, and case managers.

Over the past year we have been engaged with the social work and case management community to understand what you would like us to develop for you.

This process included engaging with those looking for school social work resources, medical case notes software, social work tools for direct work with adults, community assessment tools in social work, hospice and home health care social work screening tools, and other social worker assessment tools used in social work practice of all types.

We asked what they would like to see in a public, government, private practice, or nonprofit case management software and created that.

We also researched what people didn’t like about other templates and tools of social work and avoided those pain points. The result is an easy-to-use, simple, and powerful way to automate your client management and case assessment social work process.

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Your All-in-One Social Work Case Management Software

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Who is This Social Worker Case Management Tools and Templates Software for?

Our social work tools are designed to help practitioners in the social work, social services, mental health, case management, and clinical sector, such as yourself to manage clients’ cases and caseload more efficiently, so you can focus on providing excellent care and support to your clients and less time on manual processes.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a larger social work practice, Social Work Portal’s All-in-One Social Worker Case Management Software was designed with your needs in mind.  It’s like having your own Social Workers Toolbox full of assessment templates, intake forms, client management, staff reporting, free social work tools, and more.

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Using our tools in social works will help you streamline your processes, reduce administrative social work case management burdens, and provide better care for your patients and clients.

This comprehensive case management social work software centralizes your client intake, assessment, and intervention process, and includes a library of guides and eLearning resources to help you better serve your clients and patients.

What Makes this a Great Social Work Case Management Software?

What makes our social work tool box so special? Here are a few of the user-requested features of this All-in-One Case Management & Social Work Tool:

Seamlessly Manage Clients

Case Management Hub App - Manage Clients

Our case management for social workers platform allows you to easily manage all of your clients’ information in a single place.

Leverage Letter Templates

Case Management Platform - Letters

The pre-built social work templates for letters make communicating with your clients, quick and easy.

Time-Saving Assessments

Case Management Tool - Assessments

Our case management software includes social work assessment templates that save you time and help you screen and assess clients faster.

Paperless Intakes

Online Case Management Software - Intakes

Say goodbye to mountains of paper and hello to the paperless social work intake forms in our social work system. They make intakes easy for you and your clients.


Case Management Software - Security

You can trust that your clients’ data is safe and secure in our social work case management software, which is fully HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR & Privacy Act compliant.

Helpful Reporting

Case Management Tools - Reporting

Generate helpful reports to share with program managers, nonprofit board members, and policy makers. Get insights on caseload, client demographics, and more.

Create Custom Forms

Case Management Apps - Custom Forms

Build custom forms with this social work toolkit that fit your specific needs. Create from scratch or based on a built-in social work template.

Case Notes Formatting

Case Management Template - Case Notes

Quickly generate social worker case notes & progress notes using the included templates (SOAP, DAP, GIRP, BIRP, and more)

Enjoy Free Tools

Case Management Applications - Free Tools

Our social work case worker software includes a ton of free social worker tools that can help you to manage your practice more efficiently and effectively.

Manage Couples & Groups

Case Management Toolkit - Groups

Easily manage tasks, notes, and social work documentation for couples and groups and streamline communication between all parties involved.

Outstanding Customer Support, No Matter Where in the World You Are! 

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Multiple Features & Direct Work Tools for Social Workers

With our All-in-One case management and social work assessment software, you will have access to a user-friendly dashboard that provides a complete view of your case files, clients, groups, assessments, notes, to-dos, and notifications in real-time. The social work toolbox that we call your Case Management Hub gives you a comprehensive and secure platform for managing client engagement and social work analysis tools, ensuring that all your digital files and client data are kept secure and confidential.

If you’ve been disappointed with other generic tools in social work practice, we hope to give you a much better experience. User flexibility, ease of use, and automation are all foundational elements of our social worker toolbox cloud solution. Try it now and experience the difference!

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See Our Top Features in Action

Watch our video that follows A Day in the Life of a Social Worker who is streamlining her work thanks to the Case Management Hub platform.

Do you have any questions about our assessment tools in social work, social work tools for assessment, an ecomap social work template, or our social work database security? Just reach out and let us know

Effortless Program & Case Management 

Our case management and social work assessment tool is a single platform that fills your nonprofit, agency, or organization’s needs in one centralized place. Whether you’re looking for a social work report dashboard, tools of supervision in social work, eLearning resources for tools and techniques of social work, or a wide range of assessments, intakes, notes, tasks, and correspondence letter templates – you’ll find them in our All-in-One social workers tool box.

Take a look at the some of the features below.

Simple Navigation!

Your dashboard takes you wherever you need to go in your social work tool kit. See real-time updates on tasks and alerts, allowing you to stay informed every step of the way.

Client Management System Dashboard

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Built-in Social Work Assessment Templates

Looking to save time with a ready-made social work assessment template? We have them! Easily send an assessment form to your clients. Less effort for you. You can also easily fill these out yourself online. 

Apps for Case Managers - Assessments

Correspondence Templates

Need to send an ESA letter or payment consent form? Use the built-in correspondence templates! Less effort for you. No need to create these letters from scratch anymore.

Web-based Case Management Software

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Ecomap Social Work Template

Your All-in-One social worker toolkit includes an ecomap social work template and report to help you visualize a client’s social ecosystem so you can better target your treatment plan. 

Ecomap Social Work

Case Management Note Template

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Looking for better assessment tools for social workers? Need to replace other online socialworkerstoolbox or social work systems? Have questions about how to switch from another of the case management and social worker apps to our platform? We can help! Contact us today

What Else Can Our Top Social Worker App Do?

Other Features & Benefits of the All-in-One Social Work Direct Work Tools:

  1. Add an unlimited number of clients, intakes & assessments
  2. Paperless-workflow, send forms online to clients (or print them out if you like)
  3. Online form builder
  4. Easy client management
  5. Notifications & task management
  6. Staff-to-staff client alerts and red flags
  7. Customizable notes and SOAP templates
  8. Reporting dashboards on clients & programs
  9. Manage programs and site locations
  10. Upload files and documents with your free cloud storage space
  11. eLearning resources with social work tools and techniques
  12. Guides & demos with medical, geriatric, private practice, community, military, corrections, general, outpatient care, and school social worker resources
  13. HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, Privacy Act compliant to keep your PHI & PII secured
  14. … and much more

Social Work Toolbox eLearning Modules & Guides

Did we mention that our case management software has a Library filled with eLearning modules, helpful guides, and onboarding demos?

Enjoy a growing library of assessment tool social work guides, videos, and other resources to help you continue to grow as a case manager and/or social worker. Find examples of social work cases, hospital social work assessment example, case management social work examples, videos that cover “what are assessment tools in social work, ” social work assessment tools for families, and much more. 

Case Management Tool Library

This easy-to-use case management & social worker software is designed to help you manage and grow your social services practice and social work skills. Record and manage your interactions with clients, set & measure goals, manage staff with social work supervision tools, perform assessments, seamless intakes, reporting, track and make referrals — your Social Worker Tool Kit helps you and your team positively transform people’s lives.

Do you have questions about what tools do social workers use or sample social work case study assessment tools? Are you looking for the best apps for social workers that are easy to use and flexible? Do you need social work tools for direct work with clients, patients, and groups? We can help! Contact us today

More Than 10 tools in Social Work – All for Free

In addition to our case management tools social work software, you have access to downloadable free organizational tools for social workers and case managers. Find more than 10 tools in social work, including social work assessment tools pdf, ppt, and Word downloadables, social work client assessment questions, school social work assessment tools, a social work checklist template, sample social work assessment notes template, needs assessment example social work, tools for social analysis in social work, and many more. 

Social Work Case Management Software Free

Why do we include additional free client assessment social work templates and tools in addition to the built-in cloud-based social work forms, social work measurement tools, and other evidence based assessment tools social work? 

Simple. We want to provide you with the best and most robust social work database software available! We call it a social work tool box for a reason! Our All-in-One Case Management & Social Work Software is filled with the tools you need to be successful in your work. We are making this platform the best of any other social work products you can find. 

These additional free downloadable social worker tools of social work and case management are just one part of that.

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Is there a particular social worker referral form, social work assessment form, or other tools for social workers that you’d like to see included in the social workers toolbox in your All-in-One software? Please reach out and let us know

Better Social Worker Case Management

Manage clients and staff in a single all-in-one social work client assessment and management platform. This social worker toolbox software is perfect for a single practitioner that only needs to manage their own clients, as well as for large social work agencies, nonprofits, or government organizations that are managing multiple staff along with their client caseload.

Scalable for any size organization (1 to 1000+ users)!

These direct work tools in social work and case management make it easy to keep track of staff and clients in a number of different ways, including:

  • Staying up to date on tasks in the social work timeline tool
  • Real-time notifications when new clients need to be approved for a site location
  • Assessment form social work templates that can be shared by all users
  • Discharge and reactivate clients if they come back to your agency without losing their information
  • Report on incoming and outgoing referrals to/from other agencies
  • Add and manage staff 
  • Upload files for staff, clients, and yourself
  • Use our forms manager to quickly send or create your own forms, such as a social work needs assessment form
  • Social work toolbox adults, children, and adolescent intakes and assessment forms
  • Keep track of staff per program, site location, and client load (use the built-in staff caseload social work report)

Whether you are working solo or have a staff of 100 or 1000 or more, this scalable case management for social workers software is the perfect fit. 

Social Worker Case Management

Are you looking for assessment tools for school social workers or assessment tools in social work practice for a different type of social work? Why not try out our All-in-One Client Assessment & Case Management System for social workers and case managers today? 

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Do you have any questions about our social work tools or case management software for social workers? Just reach out to ask us.

Secure All-in-One Social Workers Toolbox

Our tools in social work software for case managers, social workers, clinicians, and others is compliant with HIPAA (U.S.), GDPR (U.K. and Europe), PIPEDA (Canada), Privacy Act (Australia, Asia, and APAC), PCI-DSS, SOC 2, and more, ensuring top-level security and keeping your data, including your clients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) data safe.

Social Work Tool for the Global Community

Our social workers tool box is designed to be used by anyone, in any geographical location: United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, India, Canada, Philippines, South Africa, Latin America, Hong Kong, Sweden, Pakistan, UAE, Nigeria, France, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, China, France, and 150+ different countries.

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All-in-One Social Work Toolbox FAQ

Does this online social work toolkit support collaboration?

Yes, you can add multiple staff to your All-in-One social work tool box. Each user will need to have a user license. We offer multi-user discounts.

Who is this social workers toolbox software designed for?

Social Work Portal's social worker case management tools are designed for social workers, case managers, and other social services professionals. Our platform is also designed for therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors to manage their therapeutic, psychotherapy, psychiatry, mental health, psychosocial, psychology, and private clinical practice.

Do you have letters in this social worker assessment tool?

Yes! This is one of the best apps for social workers to use if you want to have a variety of correspondence templates that you can use to make your life easier. You'll find ESA letters, reasonable accommodation, letters, FMLA letters, jury duty letters, child custody evaluation letters, and many, many others.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for your free trial?

Absolutely not! The free trial for our online social worker tools software is absolutely free. No credit card is required. Just scroll up and look for the link to start your free trial.

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