Assessment & Case Management Hub
Less paperwork & more client engagement!

For over a year, we’ve been engaging with social workers, counselors, therapists and other clinical fields…
…to learn what tools would help them the most. Our Client Case Assessment & Management Hub is based on that feedback and is designed for today’s social worker, non-profit agency, therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, and counselor.”

Everything in One Place. All-in-One Client Assessment & Case Management Hub

Easy | Customizable | Affordable | HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR & Privacy Compliant | Secure

Designed for Social Workers, Case Managers, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Private Practices, Govt.,  Counselors, Mental Health Workers, and more! The Client Assessment & Case Management software is a single platform that provides your practice needs in one centralized place, including:

  1. Customizable client assessment forms
  2. Client intakes and assessments – send directly to client for completion – less work for you
  3. Online form builder
  4. Client management
  5. Notifications & task management
  6. Staff-to-staff client alerts and red flags
  7. Customizable notes and SOAP templates
  8. Reporting dashboards on clients & programs
  9. … and much more

Our case management platform is compliant with HIPAA (U.S.), GDPR (U.K. and Europe), PIPEDA (Canada), Privacy Act (Australia, Asia, and APAC), PCI-DSS, SOC 2, and more, ensuring top level security and keeping your data, including your clients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) data safe.

Coming in a few weeks.

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An easy-to-use tool designed for you to record & manage your interactions with clients, set & measure goals, manage your practice, perform assessments, seamless intakes, reporting, track and make referrals — helping you positively transform people’s lives.

For Social Workers, Agencies, & Case Managers

Developed for all social workers (new and experienced social workers, as well as for social work practices and agencies), the Case Management Hub will include everything a social worker in any region will need for managing client cases on any device.

Designed for conducting all your social work planning, assessments, intakes, client management & more. Easily and quickly use our best social work assessment and intake forms, or send these to your clients using a single click for clients to complete and submit directly to your portal account. Save staff time with automated, online intake. Based on established best practices with preset workflows and automated alerts.

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For Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrist and Counselors

It is also designed for therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors to manage their therapeutic, psychotherapy, psychiatry,  mental health, psychosocial, psychology, and private clinical practice. Easily and quickly use our best therapy & counseling intake forms, assessment sheets, and questionnaires, or send to clients using a single click for clients to complete and submit directly to your portal account. 

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